Ever planned a vacation for your family? We both know that it’s usually a stressful experience considering the fact that the destination you choose and what it has to offer can either make or break your trip. You’re careful to make sure your kids are entertained and enjoy the vacation. It’s, therefore, important to look for a surf destination that offers more than surfing. The fact that Mexico is close to the United States makes it convenient and attractive for family surf vacations. Here are some of the family surf vacations in Mexico.

Pacific Surf Spots for Families

Ask anyone who has been to the Pacific Coast of Mexico and they’ll tell you there’s no better surfing consitions than what you’ll find here. Surfers flock the Pacific Coast every year to experience the superior surfing conditions here. You might consider starting in Puerto Escondido where you’ll have fun surfing in the challenging waves at the Zicatela Beach. If you have small children or you’re a beginner, head to the central pacific towns such as Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Other locations for beginners include Playa Bruja and Punta Mita.

Gulf of Mexico Surf Spots for Families

There are fewer destinations with viable surfing conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. Traveling families can find some modest surfing spots in the Veracruz province, the Miramar jetty break as well as the Destapa beach break.

Surf Seasons

The Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Coast share the same rainy season. The only difference is that the Gulf od Mexico experiences more humid and hot conditions. The Pacific Coast experiences hot, sunny weather throughout the year. The rainy season for these two destinations runs from June to October. This is usually the best time to go surfing in the Pacific Coast. The Gulf of Mexico experiences heavy precipitation from June to September.

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