Santorini Restaurants and Dining.

Traveling is a source of pleasure, indeed an exquisite experience. And what makes this experience more memorable, is exemplary food. Great view, good company, and exceptional cuisine – sounds like a perfect plan to spend your vacations. So why miss this chance?  Here is your guide to the best restaurants in Santorini, which will surely make you fall in love with this small Island surrounded by the Aegean Sea.

  1. La Maison: This is one of Santorini’s fine dining restaurants which combines the rich culinary tradition of Santorini and the Mediterranean. Offering breathtaking views, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening. Service is fantastic and quite friendly. Lastly, the food is divine.
  1. Kapari Wine Restaurant: A fine dining restaurant which every traveler must visit. The restaurant offers breathtaking volcanic mountain views, soothing ambiance and mouth-watering desserts, of which Cheese pie is highly recommended. Their menu offers a variety of local products, tastefully prepared and exquisitely presented. Everything from the food to the location to the service is excellent and this restaurant is definitely worth a try.
  1. Pito Gyros: If you are looking for something less expensive and more casual, then Pito Gyros is your place. It offers a great alternative to expensive dining and is a great spot for grabbing a quick delicious bite. Quite convenient for tourists. The menu offers authentic Greek food and tastes heavenly. The service is excellent and the place, though small, is always tidy.
  1. Ambrosia Restaurant: The food here is just DIVINE. This is one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Santorini. Although this place is small, the view it offers is absolutely amazing. Also, the staff is very polite and friendly. The owners are also quite humble and will make you feel welcomed. The restaurant offers a terrace view, which is breathtaking and overlooks the water in a stunning setting. Ambrosia is a perfect place to spend your evening. Although a bit heavy on the pocket, this restaurant will stand up to your expectations.
  1. Falafeland: This is a casual spot, perfect for an affordable meal. It is an excellent place for vegetarian food. The place is small but the ambiance is great. Moreover, the menu is simple and easy to understand. The service is quite friendly and really quick. The food is delicious and fresh and the “Falafel wraps” are a must to try. This restaurant will definitely live up to your expectations and you will definitely come here again!
  1. Margarita: If you have had enough of Greek food, then Margarita is your resort. Great place for breakfast and lunch. It is just two minutes from the beach and offers free sun beds if you buy food or drinks from the restaurant. The service is really good and all staff members are quite welcoming. The restaurant also offers great British breakfast and has an excellent menu. Margarita’s coffee is one of the best in Santorini. Moreover, beer is also available at cheap prices. The restaurant offers a perfect combination of both good food and a nice view at reasonable prices.
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